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Pure Cravings Sustainability and Socially Responsible Sourcing Policy


Pure Cravings will always provide pure, sustainably-sourced products for your cats. We source seafood from well-managed fisheries, using sustainable fishing methods that are essential to promoting a healthy ecosystem and to conserving fish populations for the future.

Dolphin Safe

Pure Cravings follows all federal Dolphin Safe tuna regulations and we only purchase tuna that has Dolphin Safe certificates signed by the captain of each ship. Pure Cravings will never source fish caught in settings where dolphins are put in danger or harmed.

Statement on Illegal and Wasteful Fishing Practices

Pure Cravings does not and will not source from fishing operations engaged in shark finning or other wasteful or ecologically harmful fishing practices. We do not support practices such as transshipment at sea that can facilitate illegal activities, either.

Statement on Sourcing of Endangered or Threatened Species

Pure Cravings does not and will not source any fish listed as Endangered, Critically Endangered or Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. We do not and will not source tuna or salmon from fisheries that are overfished, or are experiencing overfishing, as officially described by the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission or other credible reports.

Social Responsibility

Pure Cravings does not do business with any vessels, canneries, or processors that we suspect or know to be engaged in any human rights or labor abuses. If any vessel, cannery or processor is suspected of human rights or labor abuses we will support and participate in a full investigation in cooperation with all relevant worker organizations, civil society or intergovernmental actors and applicable enforcement agencies. We support any and all opportunity for interventions that prioritize the social and economic welfare of workers and protection for the victims of trafficking, forced and bonded labor.

Labeling & Transparency

Not only do we want our customers to know exactly what is in the food their cats eat, we want them to know where it came from as well. All of our products are fully traceable from catch to cat. 

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